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Paying on receipt of a monthly bill
If you've chosen to pay for your energy costs by cash, cheque or card, your monthly bill will show you how much energy you've used, and how much you need to pay that month. You can make a payment at any time by logging in to My Account and clicking 'Make a payment'. Alternatively you call our automated phone service 24 hours a day on 0345 130 8966 to make a payment or leave a meter reading.

Don't forget to leave a monthly meter read to ensure your bill is accurate and you only pay for the energy you've used.  More info on ways to pay…

Paying our most popular way – by Direct Debit
Most of our customers choose to pay by direct debit - other than providing regular meter readings you won't need to lift a finger. By setting up a Direct Debit you’ll never have to worry about paying a bill on time again so you’ll always be on top of things. The payment will be made automatically every month on a day of your choice. And because it's always our cheapest way to pay, you could save money too! See how much you can save and set up a Direct Debit today.

A quick and easy way to leave a meter reading is to log in to 'My Account' (you only need your account number and post code to register).

Ami can also help you with this or you can also call our automated service on 0345 130 8966 - it only takes a couple of minutes.

Why not get in touch and see if you're eligible for a smart meter - this means we take automatic meter readings so you don't have to, and there's also a range of other benefits. Get in touch or visit our Smart Meter page today for more info.

Single rate meter

This example reading is 07220.

  • Use the first 5 numbers reading left to right.
  • The last number(s), which may be shown in red, can be ignored.


Two rate meter

This example reading is 56315 (Low) and 27457 (Normal).

  • Use the first 5 numbers reading left to right in both top and bottom rows.
  • The last number(s), which may be shown in red, can be ignored.


Two rate, single display meter

This example reading is 11437 (Rate 1) and 02939 (Rate 2).

  • Your two rate meter may only have one display.
  • It will either flash up the two readings in a cycle, or there will be a button to press which will activate the cycle of readings for each rate.


Dial meter

This example reading is 76416.

  • Use the lowest of the 2 numbers either side of the pointer shown on the first 5 dials reading left to right.
  • The last dial, marked 1/10, can be ignored.
  • Note that the sequence of numbers on each dial can change from clockwise to anti-clockwise.

Dial meter

The example reading is 6456.

  • Only use the bottom row of dials reading from left to right.
  • Check which way each dial turns as this may vary.
  • Take the readings from the first four dials.
  • If the pointer is between two numbers, take the lower value.


Imperial meter

The example reading is 1860.

  • Use the first 4 numbers reading left to right.
  • The numbers shown in red can be ignored.


Metric meters (digital & non-digital)

The digital example reading is 00254.
The non-digital example reading is 75193.

  • Use the first 5 numbers reading left to right.
  • The numbers after the decimal point, which may be shown in red, can be ignored.

You’ll always need your prepayment key or card to top-up your traditional Pay As You Go meter, so try and keep them safe. But we all lose things now and again, so if you need a replacement please get in touch and we’ll help you out. Each key or card will cost up to £8 to replace.

Did you know that if you have a smart meter installed, you no longer have to worry about inserting a card or key into the meter. All you need is your unique top-up code with you when you go to top up and the credit will go onto the meter automatically. We also have a handy app, Swift, so that you can top up anywhere, anytime without even leaving your house. Call us today on 0333 321 6246 to claim your free smart meter.

If you've forgotten your log in details to your online account, don't worry, we'll sort it. Just click here and then select 'I've forgotten my log in details'. We'll then take you through the steps to reset it. Easy Peasy - you just need to know the email you registered with.

If you believe the estimate is too high or too low, please provide us with an up-to-date meter reading so that we can make sure you are only paying for the energy you're using. It's really easy to leave a meter reading by logging in to 'My Account' or you can call our automated phone service on 0345 130 8966 from your landline or mobile. It only takes a couple of minutes.

If you believe there is still a problem with your statement, please get in touch and we’ll work hard to get to the bottom of the issue as quickly as we can. You can call us on 0345 034 7474 or email us at

We understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan. If you're worried about paying it's really important that you talk to us - we're here to help. Click here for more info or get in touch by giving us a call on 0345 034 7474.

If you've just moved in to your new pad and we're your energy supplier, you'll want to make sure you're on the best tariff possible. The quickest way is to log in to My Account - here you'll be able to see if you're on the best tariff for you, set up a Direct Debit, update your contact details and more.

If you've not signed up for you online account yet? All you need is your account number and postcode to set it up. Go to to get started.

If you're moving soon, we'll need your final meter readings on your move out date. Then, we'll get your account wrapped-up and explain the options at your new place. Log in to your online account and go to the moving home section. Alternatively, you can click to chat or give our team a call to get everything sorted.

It’s easy, just get in touch with our smart team on 0333 321 6246 and they’ll take you through a few quick questions to book your installation - simple!

No problem – to rearrange an appointment that has already been booked in, please get in touch with us on 0345 034 7474.

If your meter isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, we’re more than happy to move it for you up to 1 meter in either direction, along the same wall. All you need to do is get in touch and we’ll arrange this for you. If you want to move your meter over 1 meter away or perhaps from an external meter box to an internal position, your local distributor may need to move any equipment before we can get this done. It would be best to get in touch with your local electricity distributor or your local gas distributor beforehand to ensure we can get this sorted for you quickly. To book an appointment, all you need to do is call us on 0345 034 7474. Please note that there’ll be a cost for the service which will be outlined to you on the call by one of our account managers, who’ll be more than happy to assist you with any other queries.

Put simply – the standing charge is the fee you pay to your energy supplier to give you access to energy. It’s a fixed amount that’s applied to your gas and electricity bills daily, regardless of how much energy you use.

Gas emergencies:
If you smell gas or you’re worried that fumes containing carbon monoxide are escaping from a gas appliance, please call the free gas emergency services emergency line immediately on 0800 111 999 (24 hours). You should also:

  • Open all doors and windows to ventilate the property
  • Do not turn on/off any electrical switches
  • Extinguish all naked flames, do not smoke, strike matches or do anything which could cause ignition

Electrical emergencies:
You should call 0800 40 40 90 if you have an electrical emergency or the power is out in your area. If there’s a serious immediate risk, you should call the emergency services too.
105 is a free service, available to people in England, Scotland and Wales from most landlines and mobile phones.  You'll be put you through to your local network operator, who looks after the safety and security of your electricity supply and can give you help and advice.
National emergencies:
It rarely happens, but if there is a national emergency your electricity might be moderated using something called rota load disconnection. Learn more about it here.

Our Priority Services Register is a confidential list of customers who have specific needs or are medically dependent on their energy supply. You can find out more at: This helps us make sure we treat every customer in a way that meets their needs as fairly as possible.

You’ll find PayPoint or Payzone in a corner shop, garage or supermarket near you. Find your nearest PayPoint here. You can only top-up during the opening hours of your local PayPoint or Payzone location – so try to make sure you don’t run out of credit outside these times.

If you're a Pay As You Go customer with a smart meter, managing your energy couldn't be easier:

  • Download our handy Swift payg App meaning you can top-up at the tap of a button. No more need for keys and cards and you can top-up anywhere, anytime from the comfort of your sofa.

  • Top-up online - register for Smart Pay with your unique top-up codes to top-up online, on your phone or from your local PayPoint

The amount you’ve topped up might not be enough to cover both your energy use and your daily standing charge.

The standing charge is the fee you pay to your energy supplier to give you access to energy. It’s a fixed amount that’s applied to your gas and electricity bills daily, regardless of how much energy you use. You may not have realised that we take a daily standing charge from the credit in your meter and if you hadn’t topped up in a while the standing charge will ahve built up on the meter.

When you’re using your emergency credit, the meter doesn’t take your daily standing charge, so it builds up as debt until you next top up and are back in credit.

If you’re not sure how much the standing charge is, please give us check your welcome letter or email or log in to My Account for more info on your tariff.


If your Direct Debit amount has changed it could be due to a few different reasons. For example, if you weren’t paying enough to cover your usage, you've given a meter read that's higher than our estimates, there are more people in the house, you’re using more appliances, you've started working from home. Or you might have simply changed your tariff recently. Whatever the reason, we'll always let you know 10 days before we collect the new amount so that you can keep on top of things.

Before you start, just make sure that all of your appliances are switched off.

For Electricity

You'll see this screen pop up on your In-home Display (IHD). Firstly, you'll need to hit Confirm and then on the next screen tap Restore.


For Gas

Gas is a little bit different because you'll need to reconnect using your meter, instead of through your In-home Display. Press A to wake up the meter then wait for the on-screen instructions. These instructions will then prompt you to press A again and then B.


To be considered for the Warm Home Discount, you’ll need to apply for the scheme each year. Visit for more info.

No one likes waiting in a call queue. Save time and log in to My Account so you can do what you need to and then get on with your day. Whether you need to submit a meter reading, make a payment, change your tariff or your contact preferences - you can do all this and more at the click of a button. Log in

Or, if you'd like to chat to a member of our team, you can drop us a message using our easy chat service for a quick response.

If you'd prefer to email that's no problem - contact us at and we will get back to you within 5 working days.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0345 034 7474.

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Remember you can do most things yourself using My Account - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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You can call a member of our team. Before getting through, please have at least three of the following pieces of information handy; your Spark account number, the address of the property we supply, your email address or your phone number.
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Out of Hours Emergency Information
If you've got a gas or electricity emergency outside of our normal opening times.

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